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BHK PARTNERS Ltd is a client-focused professional services firm registered in Rwanda, specialized in provision of auditing, accounting, tax and business advisory services to organisations and businesses. We are committed to understanding the unique needs and situations of our client and tailor our services to meet those specific needs. Owning a business ourselves, we fully appreciate the pain and pleasures of running a business and take deep satisfaction in helping business owners keep their business houses in order. We see our firm as a trusted partner and business advisor as our clients make business and financial decisions. We take a proactive approach in our practice as we deal with our clients and their transactions and also as how we manage our practice. While providing our services, we ensure that we both meet the expectations of our clients, and add value to the organization. We also ensure that we follow international standards and best practices. To see a listing of our services, please take a moment and look at our services page. We welcome you to contact us anytime.

recent common cases - emerging information system technologies

Nowdays, there are many emerging technologies ... do we remove existing ones? do we migrate to the new ones? can we make all these technologies interoperate and integrate at the same time in the same ecosystem? Make the smart move with BHK Partners; our professionals are here to help.

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